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You can visit @minmilyjung on Instagram to view/inquire about my work.

I’m still working on visual descriptions of the images, so these are not comprehensive. Please send me a DM on Instagram if you’d like someone to visually describe the work for you.

Forsythia, 2022, Watercolour and Ink

detailed yellow drawings of forsythia flowers. women and ghosts embrace in comfort and cry together amidst the flowers and the branches.

Men, 2017, Watercolour and Ink

pink flowers fly in the surface. behind them is a pen drawing of a man and woman, standing without expression.

Korean Cemetery, 2021, Watercolour and Ink

detailed drawings cover the paper with grass and plants. Speech bubbles say have some fruit.

Tangerine Purgatory, 2022, Watercolour and Ink

three women are surrounded in tangerines.

Arm Wrestling, 2022, Watercolour and Ink

Interview, 2020, Watercolour and Ink

A snapshot of a comic.