Emily Jung

토론토, ON


01 Visual art 

Drawings and others.

02 Labour In The Arts 

Labour in the Arts is an artsworker collective and meme page that attempts to observe and demystify the Canadian arts industry through experimentation and with creative projects.

Currently chilling with crafts and advocating for zone out.

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03 Dead Korean Girl Comedy Show 

“But “forgetting” is just an unfortunate part of the immigrant experience, and it’s not a big deal.” 

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04 Korean Seniors Don’t Care for Bingo

There is a portfolio of physical and mental strains that we become vulnerable to as we age, and it is in that blink of an eye, a layer of marginalization is added to our already political, already polarized Asian bodies.

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05 Projection Design

06 Comics

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07 Graphic design & comms

Portfoilo (coming soon)

08 C.V.

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